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Friday, January 7, 2011

Displaying at a Gallery

Happy New Years Friends!

I hope your holidays were filled with family, friends, joy and good health.

Just before New Year's Day, I began displaying my work at Riverview Gallery (a local spot) in Portsmouth, VA.  I'm very excited about the display, and being my first gallery display that I was to hang my work myself, I was a little intimidated.  So, with my husband and my hammer in hand, off we went to the gallery.  My husband Armin was my saving grace, he did a beautiful job with it.  After two hours, we were finished and quite pleased with the results!

A few tips for when you are preparing to hang a display (which, in hind-sight, seem like a no-brainer!):
  1. Bring a measuring tape and level.
  2. Bring the windex and paper towels.
  3. And of course, the camera to take pictures of your new space.
I was able to display approx. 20 originals, as well as filling my print rack with prints and note cards.  I'm hoping to reach some new people and collectors in the art community. 

If you are in this area, please try to take some time to visit the gallery.  There are many wonderful artists displayed there that you can check out!

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