'The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting.' ~Vincent Van Gogh~

Friday, April 6, 2012

Studio Organization

Organization is key to productivity and efficiency!

As we all know, organization is important in every aspect of our lives.  Organization keeps things neat and tidy, it helps us keep an 'inventory' of our supplies, and we know where everything is (which saves a lot of time!).  We also know how easy it is in a studio to create a mess and quickly become unorganized, which leads to a lot of uncreative time and energy in the studio!

 I recently started reorganizing my home studio as it was definitely in dire need of some structure!!  My husband was able to acquire a set of base and wall cabinets from a hospital job that he is doing.  They were going to just throw them away, and they were perfectly good cabinets, just needed a little cleaning up!  So, you know me, always trying to re-purpose things, I gladly accepted them in order to help organize my studio.

                                                      The base cabinet is a three door cabinet with six drawers.  The wall cabinet is a four door cabinet.  My husband installed them for me and WOW, what a great improvement!!

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