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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Watercolor Roses

Hello Friends! 

Yesterday was such a wonderful day!  The weather was beautiful (but slightly chilly) outside as Spring is (still) trying to approach.  I probably should have been outside getting my gardens ready for planting, but I took the day to do some much needed chores. 

My studio had been in such disarray lately that I had a hard time concentrating when I was in there.  So after getting everything put away, cleaned and re-organized, I felt much better.

As I've shared in my last couple posts, I am experimenting with a new technique, wet on wet.  Seems like such a simple task in theory, but I think it actually takes more skill than realism painting.  It's much harder to control the paint and the water.  Anyway, I'm still experimenting with it. 

Yesterday afternoon, in my freshly cleaned studio, I started painting some roses.  Here is a glimpse of it in the early stages of the painting.  We'll see how it looks when I'm done! 

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Thanks for visiting! Happy Painting!


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